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Launch of Sekoya, the first carbon & climate platform dedicated entirely to low-carbon materials and processes

Watch the launch of the Sekoya platform

Eiffage has made innovation and ecological transition two pillars of its strategic plan, and in partnership with the construction innovation specialist, Impulse Partners, is now rolling out Sekoya: a carbon & climate platform dedicated entirely to low-carbon materials and processes.

With climate change becoming a reality, Eiffage is committed to a low-carbon strategy. The Group intends to lead the way with its own emissions, but as a construction sector leader, also wants to support its customers in reducing their own carbon footprints, by developing alternative solutions
and incorporating these as fully as possible into its offers.

Sekoya will enable the formation of a low-carbon industry club, by making it easier to identify both new and existing solutions, and by encouraging interaction between all parties involved. Committed partners (startups, SMEs, major accounts, suppliers, financial institutions) and customers will be
able to discuss, document and promote low-carbon solutions. Once audited, these solutions will be available for use in tender proposals.

In 2017, to accelerate the implementation of low-carbon solutions upstream of tender proposals, Eiffage implemented innovative internal financial instruments. Eiffage will also use a specific performance indicator to measure the carbon emissions avoided thanks to the virtuous circle created by the Group’s offers.

The Sekoya platform is another stage in this proactive strategy designed to implement low-carbon solutions on a large scale and to seize every opportunity for innovation in this area, with the aim of shared sustainable growth.