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Selection day for the winners of the fifth Sekoya call for solutions

The Sekoya Industrial Club unveils the winning solutions from the platform's fifth call for solutions.


On Tuesday July 4, 2023, Eiffage, Impulse Partners and Sekoya Industrial Club partners: Covivio, CEEBIOS, CSTB, Legrand, Lited, Rexel, SMABTP, l’Union sociale pour l'habitat and Vicat, met for the final jury of the fifth SEKOYA call for solutions, focusing on two themes: “Deconstruct to build better” and “Water and its responsible uses”.


The event, attended by approximately 80 people, was hosted by Pan Piper in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The meeting began with an introduction by Benoît de Ruffray, Chairman and CEO of Eiffage. Then two experts took the floor:

  • Lucile Hamon, Circular Economy Entrepreneur, on deconstruction approaches
  • Charlène Descollonges, hydrological engineer, authorof “L'eau : Fake or not?” and cofounder of the Association “Pour une Hydrologie Régénérative”, on the theme of water.

The session also provided an opportunity to hear feedback on projects from two SEKOYA partners:


Of the 34 applications received, 8 solutions were presented: 4 on the theme of “Deconstruct to build better” and 4 on the theme of “Water and its responsible uses”, see the results below:


For the theme “Deconstruct to build better”:

  • Dizy is the winner, making eco-designed,anti-obsolescence furniture as part of a circular economy approach. The furniture is made up of eco-responsible parts in recycled materials, including deconstruction waste and other innovative materials (badminton shutter, plastic, textiles).
  • Terrio won the public's choice price.


For the theme "Water and its responsible uses":

  • Enviro Plus and Purple Alternative Surface were the winners.
  • Enviro Plus offers a solution for cleaning tools usedin the finishing industry, using a zero liquid discharge technology that eliminates water consumption and the discharge of soiled effluent into the water system.
  • Purple Alternative Surface is developing a connected, eco-responsible modular surfacing for roadways and parking lots. The slabs are permeable and made from 100% plastic waste to minimize the impact of road elements on the environment.
  • IADYS won the jury's choice price.


Click here for the press release & here to access the promoting video.