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The experiments between Circouleur & Eiffage / Circouleur & Covivio


Circouleur is committed with Covivio and Eiffage to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

Discover the collaboration of Circouleur and Eiffage at Lagord (France):

Following the launch of the Sekoya club in 2019, a first call for solutions was launched on the theme of low-carbon materials and processes. Among the numerous applications, ten stood out and were invited to come and pitch in January 2020 in front of numerous employees of Sekoya's corporate partners, as well as actors interested in low-carbon and climate issues, all gathered at Station F in Paris.

Five winners were designated on themes such as circular economy, reuse and biosourced materials. These include Circouleur, a startup that offers a high value-added product to reduce the carbon footprint on construction sites: recycled paint.

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Circouleur offers the collection, the revalorization and the transformation of used paints in order to make a new premium paint composed of 70% recycled paints. The innovation is found in the R&D laboratory of the startup which achieves to reformulate without degrading the quality of the paint. The low-carbon added value is obvious: limiting the extraction of raw materials and avoiding the incineration of used paint. The carbon footprint can be divided by twelve and indoor air quality is significantly improved.

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Laureate of a Sekoya's call for solutions, Circouleur was able to start discussions with two partners of the club: Eiffage Construction and Covivio, about the possible applications of this product on the projects of both companies.

With Eiffage, Circouleur has already been solicited on two projects of the company: the Hypérion tower in Bordeaux in 2020 and in Lagord (near La Rochelle) in 2022. Eiffage Construction's Hypérion mixed wood-concrete tower is a real industrial demonstrator of tomorrow's sustainable building and includes many low-carbon innovations, including Circouleur paint. The environmental results are conclusive: 3.37 tons of CO2 are avoided on the construction site, as well as 491 kg of waste. This success was followed by a second impressive project initiated by the La Rochelle urban community: the Atlantech® eco-responsible park. Eiffage Construction called upon Circouleur for all the painted surfaces of one of the district's blocks: 63 tons of CO2 and 9.26 tons of waste were avoided.

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In parallel, another collaboration was born thanks to Sekoya between Circouleur and Covivio, a leading European real estate operator which supports companies, hotel brands and territories in their challenges of attractiveness, transformation and responsible performance. The real estate company has solicited Circouleur in 2021 for a large-scale project (33,000 m²) in Saint-Denis with a very positive result: 50 tons of CO2 and 7.4 tons of waste have been avoided on this site.

These insightful collaborations are very promising for the future and show the willingness of Sekoya's corporate partners to integrate the identified innovative solutions in their projects in order to be the pioneers of low-carbon urban districts in France.