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The experiment between Legrand & SAS Minimum


Legrand and the startup SAS Minimum team up to accelerate decarbonation of electrical infrastructures.

SAS Minimum is a fast-growing startup which develops and sells Le Pavé®, a new material made of recycled plastic. The goal of the young company is to give a new meaning to plastic waste, thanks to this low-impact and multi-purpose material (construction, furniture, external coating, daily objects, etc.) 

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To find new partners and improve its growth, SAS Minimum, through the voice of its cofounder Marius Hamelot, applied to the second call for solutions of the Carbon & Climate Sekoya platform. The solution was part of one of the themes of the edition: "Construction processes and low-carbon materials". In December 2020, the solution was recognized by the corporate companies and designated as one of the winners of this call for solutions.

This opportunity allowed SAS Minimum to to get in touch with Legrand, a historical partner of the club. Legrand, world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures, is particularly active and involved in the projects conducted within the framework of Sekoya and saw possible synergies with this SAS Minimum’s material. Indeed, Legrand offers sustainable and innovative products and wishes to go further with strong CSR commitments, such as reducing the carbon footprint and deepening its circular economy approach.

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Follow the link to know more about Legrand’s decarbonation objectives and its CSR strategy.  

This collaboration has resulted in a real success: part of Legrand's "Céliane" range of switches will now be made with Le Pavé® material. As a result of this hard work, this new product demonstrates the strength of SAS Minimum's material and its wide range of applications, including electrical products such as switches, which are particularly sensitive building components. For Legrand, this range is a strong environmental commitment because it allows, thanks to this eco-responsible material, to reduce the CO2 impact of the product. Le Pavé® avoids 70% of greenhouse gas emissions per m2 for equivalent materials.

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SAS Minimum is now following a very promising trajectory with a team that has doubled to reach 24 people in 2022. A factory is now dedicated to the production of the material with a recycling capacity of 300 tons of waste.