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Workshop between partners on CO2 capture and carbon recovery

September 22, 2021 - Hosted by Eiffage and Impulse Partners

 On September 22, SEKOYA's partners met to discuss the topic of CO2 capture andcarbon recovery. 

It was anopportunity for Eiffage and Vicat to present their achievements on the subject,in particular the challenges, brakes and development tracks of projects for CO2 capture and recovery in the concrete production sector. The objective of the workshop was to acculturate the SEKOYA partners to the existing technologies (carbonation and CO2/hydrogen combination in particular), to the variety of possible integrations of these technologies along the value chain, as well as to the regulatory and financial issues related to their implementation.  

Examples ofprojects applied to the extraction and transformation of raw materials, as wellas to the production of materials were studied. Many of these projects are still at the demonstration stage, such as Eiffage's CO2 capture solution deployed on the Bocahut quarry site in the north of France.