Marketplace for the reuse of construction materials (from demolition or surplus orders). Backacia relies on a digital methodology developed in the field as well as on data extracted from more than 300 reuse operations.


    Celloz is a new biomaterial made from cellulose fibres and plant resins. It is used to manufacture roofing elements that are waterproof, durable, easy to install and have a wide range of aesthetics.


    Circouleur has created the 1st paint recycling network in France. They manufacture top-of-the-range professional acrylic paints composed of more than 90% recycled materials.

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    The Urban Rain Garden is a frugal system of roof rainwater harvesting which feeds a reservoir surmounted by a planted substrate. This system allows for on-site water management and the presence of biotopes in urban areas with water autonomy.


    Sylfen makes the supply of renewable energy reliable all year round, thanks to hydrogen storage, for company or community buildings.



    Producer of low-carbon insulating concrete blocks. The geometry of the products, the choice of materials and the insulation of the Fabtherm range characterise Fabemi blocks with a low-carbon footprint.


    Patented process for the recovery and treatment of CO2 from the exhaust gases of cogeneration plants, boiler flue gases, biogas plants for short-circuit use in agricultural greenhouses, concrete production, cultivation of microalgae as a substitute for soya, or for more distant use after liquefaction of the CO2.


    Misapor recycles used glass bottles into an insulating cellular glass granulate.


    Personal transporter with a strong design and technologies at the service of the user. In terms of mobility, there is on the one hand personal micro-mobility for healthy people (scooters, gyroroues, EVA) and on the other end of the spectrum, so-called medical equipment (wheelchairs and electric scooters). NINO4All is aimed at all those who can no longer use the former and do not project themselves into the latter.


    CarbonFibreStone is a composite material based on stone and biosourced carbon fibre, making it possible on the one hand to reduce the ecological impact of a new construction, to renovate the existing one and on the other hand to improve the duration of the works.

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